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Born Dean Scott Philips in Columbus Ohio. Scott obtained his first set of Ludwig's at age 8 and by age 15 had started his first band.

Scott performed in many bands including Desperately Seeking Fusion and Exodus. In June of 1999 he joined the Pete Way Band of UFO fame (Pete Way, Walt James and  Scott Phillips) and in September 99 they recorded the Amphetamine CD, at Rockfield Studios England.

 In February of 2003 Paul Chapman joined the band (Pete Way, Paul Chapman and Scott Phillips). "ALIVE IN CLEVELAND" soon followed (Pete Way, Walt James and Scott Phillips). Scott worked with Pete, Paul and Finn on the "BACK FROM THE DEAD" recordings.

Scotts latest work is

" No Sky Today"  

From the No Sky Today Band  debut recording.

Just released!  2//11

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